Creative Content for December 5

Creative Content for December 5

Welcome to December 5 daily creative content!

This is a good day for social media if you’re in real estate because today is Bathtub Party Day!

Real estate agents can really take this idea and run with it by getting photos of all the great bathrooms in your inventory.  Everyone has their own idea of what a relaxing bath looks and feels like.  Get your cameras and gather photos of bathtubs with spectacular window views,  soaker tubs filled with bubble bath, and tubs accessorized with candles and wine or sparkling cider.

Of course you can do this any day of the week but celebrating “Bathtub Party” day gives you a fun reason to talk it up!

For retailers, you’ve got a great opportunity to show off all the things that make tub time party time. What do you sell that can be enjoyed in the bath? A good book with book rack, candles, bubble bath and bath bombs.  Even robes and really great towels are something that can be used for Bathtub party day.  And don’t forget the rubber duckie!!

December  5 is “Repeal Day.”   May sound like a political storm in a package but you can put a clever spin on this idea by pulling back the cover on some hot topic in your business.  Articles like “7 things your mom never told you about house cleaning” or “5 treasures you can uncover in thrift stores.”

If you’re in a B2C market, you can “repeal” a price and run a sale.

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