Creative Content for December 6

December 6 Content

December 6th is the beginning of National Handwashing Awareness week.  Given the current pandemic, it’s an opportunity to remind everyone that handwashing reduces the spread of diseases and keeps you from getting sick yourself!

But what can you do with handwashing day?

Obviously this is a great day for anyone in healthcare to post reminders about handwashing and how to properly wash hands.   In retail, use this as an opportunity to sell all the handwashing supplies: soap, sanitizer, paper towels (better than hand towels for stopping the spread of germs).

And beyond these obvious examples? Talk about what your employees and staff do to keep customers and visitors safe. Show handwashing and sanitizing stations in your business.  Post a fun video of handwashing for the recommended 20 seconds while singing a favorite song.

Here is a link to some handwashing info and facts to build on.

Today is also Microwave Oven day. What can you do with that?  Well it’s a great day for sharing microwave recipes like the cute “solo” serving items in ramekins.  And what about crafts? Today is a good day to show off crafts that can be made in the microwave.

If you’re ready to start the Christmas marketing (yes, I am aware many started this before Halloween) – today is St. Nicholas’ day.  He’s the one responsible for our modern day Santa Claus.  Here’s a bit of content I wrote for an employer to help you out.  Enjoy!

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