Creative Content for December 7

Content for December 7

December 7th is great for people who do business in Illinois! In the Land of Lincoln, they are celebrating the day that the 21st state joined the union.  You can tell I’m not in Illinois.  But if you’ve got customers there – you can have some fun with this anniversary date.  

Find little known Illinois state facts and use those as a social post during the day, for example: 

  • State flower is a violet:  florists can use that as a focal point for a sale.
  • State animals: painted turtle, white-tail deer, cardinal and bluegill fish would be fun shares for the zoo
  • Dance schools can offer a free class in square dance to cultivate customers

This is also cotton candy day – an article about the origin and how it’s made would be fun to share for just about any place that has a sweet shop.   You may be interested to know that cotton candy was invented by a dentist – and this would make an interesting topic for anyone in dentistry to share along with the benefits of good dental care.

Today is also the anniversary of Pearl Harbor so if you have flags, they should be flown at half mast in honor of the victims and survivors.

What if none of these items seem to work well with your particular endeavor?   Maybe today is a good time to explore user generated content (UGC) for sharing.  You can certainly share customer photos (with their permission) or a testimonial or review stylized in an image. Need examples? Watch for a future post about UGC and how to use what you probably already have.

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