Creative Content for December 8

Creative content for December 8

Welcome to the December 8 edition of Creative Content.  Today I’ve got some ideas for book sellers, real estate agents, retailers, HVAC & plumbers and even something for alternative energy folks.

Today is Time Traveler’s day.  On the surface that doesn’t seem to offer much in the way of social media or content creativity.  Never fear, the idea girl has a few ideas for  you.

  • Book sellers:  Feature tales of time travel (back or forward).
  • Real estate agents / brokers:  feature photos of homes with “futuristic” factors. Maybe you have a home that has a tankless water heater.  Or maybe the home has heating with water installed in the floors to make every step cozy.
    On the other side, feature homes that have a history.  “Step back in time and enjoy . . . ” Oversize kitchens, older homes with fire places, wrap around porches.  All of these “antique” home concepts could be just the thing for someone looking to travel back to a simpler time.
  • It’s a great day for a sale!  “Travel back in time to a day when prices were . . .”  And run a sale for this time traveler’s day.
  • HVAC – not always easy to come up with something for this profession but today you can post an article about how homes used to be heated / cooled.  You could also feature some of the ideas for the future of home comfort.
  • Plumbers – What is new in your field? What’s old? Showcasing plumbing fixtures that are hyper modern is a good way to start the day. You could also have an article about the history of the toilet and bidet with a fun twist.
  • And the future of energy can rule the day. Solar panels, wind farms and more.  This is a good day to post articles about how we get energy and the evolution of our energy sources.

It’s also National Brownie Day!

Do you know where brownies came from? Well in 1904 and 1905 the recipes were first shared.  And you can take it from there.  No one says you must stay on script 100% of the time. Sharing a recipe is a good way to gain viral exposure.  If you have anything to do with the kitchen in your business – a good brownie recipe will introduce people to what you’ve got.

And what about people on specialty diets?  Sharing a Keto brownie or gluten free brownie recipe for example is a good way to break through.

No matter what you choose to feature, remember that people like to be entertained. And when someone is smiling and happy, they are more likely to spend more and say yes more often.

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