A little history

One of the first things anyone asks, when considering someone for a job, is “tell me about yourself.” What follows isn’t so much a life history but a way of breaking the ice and learning what makes one tick. What in one’s history would make one good at doing the job at hand. That being said, here’s my answer.

My life started out moving around – a lot. In fact every 2 years or so. The moving around gave me the ability to easily accept change and adapt to new situations. It also gave me the ability to quickly survey the landscape and learn the ropes – from new friends to school expectations and even cultures (I even lived in Japan for 3 years). These early exposures to change come in handy as things change and evolve so rapidly in the digital age.

I started working at the age of 13. My mother had become a single parent. I was told that if I wanted that 10 speed, or the jeans others were wearing, I had to earn the money. There simply wasn’t enough for extras when it came to my sister and me.

I’ve worked pretty much ever since. My mother and grandparents instilled in me a strong work ethic, a hefty sense of responsibility and the integrity to put in an honest day’s work.  If that means I need to put some extra time when the traditional work day is over, so be it.

Throughout my career I’ve been praised for my ability to reduce expenses, increase sales and motivate others. Because of this, I’ve been given opportunities that would seem unlikely.

For example, I was hired to be the department manager over Lawn & Garden, Sporting Goods & Home Improvements for Sears Roebuck. To that point in my life I had never even mowed a lawn. Yet despite diving head first into a department filled with men who were older and significantly more knowledgeable about the product, I was able to not only learn from them, they chose to let me lead them.  And we became the best in maintenance sales in the region.  I was asked to convey our tactics to at the annual regional meeting.

I am a self-starter, a problem solver, a go-getter.  In the past, companies have hired me to fill a need with non-existent tools and not only identify the best tools for the job, develop strategies and implement full on programs that produced results.

For example, one of my most recent employers needed a new CRM and lead management process in addition to an automated email marketing campaign. They had no idea of where to start and had a very low budget.  I identified several solutions including Hubspot, Salesforce and Zoho.  Evaluated the strengths, weaknesses and growth potential along with cost factors. 

Once we settled on Hubspot, I implemented the program, set up custom configurations, trained the sales staff and managed the database.  I used the database to create an automated drip email campaign based on audience segments.  The email marketing program consistently received a 32% open rate and 3% response rate – actual leads that the sales team could convert.

Most recently, I was tasked with implementing a full on marketing project management tool including social media scheduling, from the ground up.  Starting day one with no formal direction, I took the task and ran with it.  I established benchmarks across all the digital marketing channels and measured growth month over month and even compared to the previous year.  At the end of the first year the program was showing a consistent increase in social media engagement an average of 10.5% per channel and increased reach an average of 5% per channel.  

I’ve been told I have a lot of good ideas. I have the ability to distill big ideas into understandable information through the use of story telling and analogies.  This comes in handy developing content and writing strategies.  For my last employer I wrote the social media guides for the employees. I wrote and implemented the social media strategies and even developed a full out marketing strategy for a niche market product.

This all is very braggadocios but if you are looking to hire someone to help with your marketing, you want to know that they have the skills. You want to know what makes them get up in the morning.  I am a results oriented individual who enjoys connecting with others and watching them succeed. Knowing I was a part of that process is very exciting.  If this sounds like what you’re looking for – then I want to be on your marketing team. Contact me. 

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