Not a weakness

Why is it so difficult for people to ask for help?

About 6 months ago I helped a former employer by providing some on-boarding and training to a new hire who would be handling their digital marketing.  I spent time showing the new hire where things were located on the company server, how the company website was organized and etc.  I not only showed examples, I guided the employee through completing some simple tasks herself.

My parting words included, “Contact me if you need any help.”

On Friday I received an email from the employer requesting help because the new hire wasn’t working out as he had hoped. And Saturday morning found me sitting in the conference room of this well established company with the man who built it all from the ground up discussing his frustrations.

As I listened and reviewed the website programming I had one recurring thought, “Why didn’t she contact me for help?” I could have easily guided this person through everything from what the man expected to the shortcuts I had previously built in the website.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help.  And the best thing is, people are always happy to help someone in need.  It not only solves a problem, it genuinely makes the “helper” happier and full of self accomplishment.

But for some reason there are people who just can’t admit they might need to call on the expertise or assets of another human being.  Believe me, it’s not a sign of weakness if you ask for help.  It’s a strength when you can recognize that you need assistance and aren’t afraid to ask.  In this case the failure to ask cost someone a job.

From a quick answer to simple fix to even just offering a ride.   One of the best things we have in life is the ability to help others who may need something we can easily provide.

Just something to think about.

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