I am a firm believer that the good (and bad) bosses you have in your early career set the stage for your future employment success and longevity.  It’s a ripple effect through your employment history. I’ve been working since I was 13. Yes, that’s right.  My first job was watching the little kids at the kiddie pool during the Red Cross sponsored swimming lessons at the area pool.  I don’t remember much about that job other than it was 8 weeks, at least 3 days a week. I used the money ($80) to purchase an expensive puppet to use in the church puppet ministry. FastRead More →

One of the first things anyone asks, when considering someone for a job, is “tell me about yourself.” What follows isn’t so much a life history but a way of breaking the ice and learning what makes one tick. What in one’s history would make one good at doing the job at hand. That being said, here’s my answer. My life started out moving around – a lot. In fact every 2 years or so. The moving around gave me the ability to easily accept change and adapt to new situations. It also gave me the ability to quickly survey the landscape and learn theRead More →