Restaurant Marketing in Crisis

If you’re in the restaurant industry or you’re the marketing company for a restaurant you might be at your wit’s end trying to figure out how to keep business going.  It’s all over the social media groups and beyond “drive-thru” service and curb-side pick up, what can you do?  Here are my thoughts. Photos:  Psychologically people respond to photos of food.  Even if you have to cook something and plate it just to get a good photo, do it now.  Get your library of photos together and start sharing daily. Recipes: That’s right! You’re a restaurant, you’ve got a cook and you have some recipes.Read More →

If you want people to share your vision or goals, you have to start by establishing those items on which you can all agree. What is the goal to begin with?  A few examples: Make sales Add followers Increase engagement Create more opportunities for conversion Choose just one as a starting point. Next, establish your baseline.  Figure out exactly where you are at the beginning.  Whether it’s zero or 1000 doesn’t matter.  But if you don’t know where you’re at, how will you know when you have hit your goal? Baselines can be found through analytical tools (Google Analytics) or social insights or even justRead More →

A bit of advice that will save you time and money. Before you invest in SEO social media advertising or google ads be sure you’re your website is aesthetically pleasing, functions well and is user friendly. Use great photography. Take the time to test the forms and proofread the content. If you proceed with 1, 2 or 3 without having a great website, you’re throwing money in the trash. So many many people seek professional help for 1,2,3 and the website is a hot mess. Projects that are taken on without a fully functional website result in failure and that’s not the outcome anyone wants.Read More →

It’s no secret that the sales funnel has changed dramatically with the growth of the internet. Prospects can enter the sales process at almost any stage and exit just as quickly for a variety of reasons.  Whether you view the funnel as a bow-tie or flywheel, the motivation of the prospect is the key to gaining more sales. Inbound marketing touts the different stages of the sales process as: awareness, consideration, decision and delight.  These are the tasks that fill the sales funnel. But it leaves out the motivational component. Sure a prospect is aware of your company but is their motivation high enough forRead More →

Think about this: No company ever bought anything. Oh sure there are corporate entities that, on paper, are buying products and services.  But in reality, every single purchase decision was made by a person. People don’t buy from companies, they buy from other people. People they like and people that can solve a problem.  The sooner we all acknowledge this simple fact, the better all marketing becomes. I’m declaring 2019 the year of P2P marketing.  Person to person.  It’s time to get personal. The trend has been in the making for several years and it’s time we all adjust our strategies to develop relationships withRead More →