You’ve heard it before, “attitude is everything.”  So true but so difficult to practice every day of the year. I receive daily emails from a number of sources, most of them are about digital marketing to keep me up to date.  But one in particular is from Sam Parker with   I enjoy the positive energy and tips for keeping a good attitude that spreads to others.  In this blog I’m sharing a list from Sam. Top 10 Wasteful Thoughts Defeatist (better to be positively expectant than anticipate defeat) Cynical (challenge things (kindly) when necessary but avoid unjustified distrust of human nature and motives) Resentful (drop the ego as quicklyRead More →

Why is it so difficult for people to ask for help? About 6 months ago I helped a former employer by providing some on-boarding and training to a new hire who would be handling their digital marketing.  I spent time showing the new hire where things were located on the company server, how the company website was organized and etc.  I not only showed examples, I guided the employee through completing some simple tasks herself. My parting words included, “Contact me if you need any help.” On Friday I received an email from the employer requesting help because the new hire wasn’t working out as heRead More →

Think about the last time you were running late – for work, a meeting, school or anything really.  You rushed, you fussed, you forgot something and went back home to retrieve it.   You fumed in the car as traffic stalled and you hit every single red light. Are you feeling the frustration?  Then you see it up ahead . . . an accident. And now you intuitively know.  If you had been on time, that accident could have well been you.  In fact, running behind likely saved you from the trauma. This same situation works for other things in life as well.  Have you everRead More →

Danielle Steele once said, when interviewed about the writing process, “You’re better off pushing through and ending up with 30 dead pages you can correct later than just sitting there with nothing.” In the interest of having dead pages I can edit later I’m going to commit to writing something every day.  For me this is a bold statement.  Sticking to a habit of writing daily is a daunting task for anyone. I have a lot of thoughts about marketing, business and some on life in general but I often find myself “editing” before I even start to type.  Then the “impostor syndrome” hits andRead More →