Content Idea Girl – December 4

December 4 Content Marketing

Starting today (and for as long as I can keep this up!) I’m going to be giving you all content ideas.

Content is what drives traffic to social media pages and to websites. Content is what search engines use to rank your websites. Content is what people love. And since I’ve been creating content for years – I think it’s time I share some of those ideas.

If you want unique, custom content for your business contact me and I can set up your unique content plan and overall strategy.

Content suggestions for December 4 (remember if you want content for your business, email me tj [at] :
⚈ Cookie Day: obviously bakers can give away free cookies.
  • More: Take photos of cookies, set up a cookie tasting event.
  • If you need User Generated Content (UGC) ask people to post favorite cookies and tag your business.
  • For web: Write an article about the origination of cookies, a favorite cookie recipe or where a certain cookie came from.
⚈ A different spin on cookie day: people in the tech world can talk about GDPR and tell people what “cookies” mean in the tech world, how they provide information. Then there is the down side, write about the end of cookies on the web.
⚈ Sock Day: Share photos of your staff wearing crazy socks – ask social media to vote on the craziest.
  • Do a sock drive for the local homeless shelter.
  • Do you sell socks? Lucky you! Post photos of socks to share.
  • Write about the history of socks or the benefit of wearing socks.
  • Take a poll: How many people just wear socks around the house instead of shoes / socks?
⚈ Bartender Day: With COVID and bars having problems use this day to show support for local bars / bartenders. Post links to orgs that are helping provide financial support or taking donations for restaurant and bar industry. “Support your local bartenders”

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