Email Marketing

Engaging, one on one, email is the most cost effective way to reach people who have already expressed an interest in your unique business proposition.  

Email has been around since the dawn of the internet.  In fact, the first internet task was sending email between two computers sitting next to each other on a desk.  Today, email is a valuable part of every digital marketing strategy.

Whether a visitor is first exposed to your company on social media, on your website or even at an event like a trade show,  people rarely make a buying decision at the first contact.  Capturing an email address will allow you future marketing opportunities.

Email marketing is used to bring prospective customers to the table and current customers coming back for more.  Email integrates well with social media too!

Using AI and automation you can put your email marketing on autopilot, moving prospects through the sales process with carefully crafted emails sent at precisely the right time.  Chances are you’ve visited a landing page that requested your email address triggering a series of personalized, pre-formatted emails.

I understand privacy laws, the FTC “Canned Spam” Act and the fact that not everyone receives email in the same way.  I also understand the value of testing email subject lines and versions as well as segmenting audiences.

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