How Often Should I Post?

How often to post

Whether you’re new to social media / content marketing or you’ve been working on it for some time, you may be wondering if you’re posting enough.  This is a common question.  And the answer is . . . it depends!


If you’ve got a fairly good following, they are active and there are more than a handful, you can post up to twice a day.  By the time the Facebook algorithm picks up your post and starts showing it to your followers (not the people  who like your page, the followers) it could be minutes or hours or even days later.  So posting twice a day won’t make anyone think you are spamming.

And you can repeat content on Facebook if it’s 30 days or more later than the original post.


Things roll much slower on Instagram.  If you can manage to post once a day that’s great. But don’t worry if you’re only posting 3 to 4 times a week.  You’ll still get engagement even months later if you’ve got good content.


Twitter is a fast moving channel.  Here you can post every 20 minutes if you have a good following and content.  And on twitter, you can repeat content two to three times a day.  Shocked?   Think of “regular” television.  If you’re watching a program you may see the same commercial multiple times during the program.  Twitter is no different.  Just be sure that you don’t put the same content back to back.


For your personal profile, post as often as you have something relevant to say but not more than once a day.  For your company page, if you can manage to post good content daily great! But most companies only post a few times each week – be sure to tag any relevant people or companies in your posts.  And remember to use the “invite” option on your company page to add to your audience.


Pinterest is still gaining momentum in the  social world.  Surprisingly content related to healthcare performs well on Pinterest as does any type of consumer products and crafts. Technically, every page on your website should have a presence on Pinterest.  Of course this doesn’t work for every type of B2B company. The problem with Pinterest is that it always requires a different creative configuration so this tends to bog down the additions.

You should post to Pinterest every day if possible.  Remember that one of the keys to success is “repining” content from other channels and “pining” from sources outside of your own website as well.


Yep – it’s a thing and you might consider using this in your marketing IF you’re potential audience is on TikTok.  Twenty-somethings and younger love the channel and the content is shared to Instagram stories and Facebook.  So if you want to reach them, join them.  Post when you have something fun and informational to contribute. Be sure you tailor the content to the “fun” side.

There are, of course, other social channels: SnapChat, Parler, Reddit (a forum but social) and more.  I’ve covered the basics here.  If you have questions contact me.


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