Maybe it’s kismet, maybe it’s your faith

Think about the last time you were running late – for work, a meeting, school or anything really.  You rushed, you fussed, you forgot something and went back home to retrieve it.   You fumed in the car as traffic stalled and you hit every single red light.

Are you feeling the frustration? 

Then you see it up ahead . . . an accident.

And now you intuitively know.  If you had been on time, that accident could have well been you.  In fact, running behind likely saved you from the trauma.

This same situation works for other things in life as well.  Have you ever stopped to look back and think about what your life would be like if you had changed just one thing?

Recently I endured working for a rather unpleasant employer.  I was under utilized and flat out ignored for months at a time.  Emails went unacknowledged,  suggestions ignored.  It was miserable.

But if I hadn’t had that position I wouldn’t have made a new, good friend. 

And even more so, I would not have went on a year long job hunting journey facing rejection after rejection to be recently awarded the best job I could ever ask for – all because I had spent the last 13 months being laser focused on one skill (the only thing my former employer had allowed me free reign to work on).

Now we can call this kismet, fate, destiny or any number of things.  I prefer to think of it as divine intervention and my higher power guiding me on a path to help me learn and grow – both as a person and professionally.

And, much like the lateness that saves one from an accident, I am thankful.

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