Restaurants: Shut-Down

Restaurant Marketing in Crisis

If you’re in the restaurant industry or you’re the marketing company for a restaurant you might be at your wit’s end trying to figure out how to keep business going.  It’s all over the social media groups and beyond “drive-thru” service and curb-side pick up, what can you do?  Here are my thoughts.

  • Photos: 
    Psychologically people respond to photos of food.  Even if you have to cook something and plate it just to get a good photo, do it now.  Get your library of photos together and start sharing daily.
  • Recipes:
    That’s right! You’re a restaurant, you’ve got a cook and you have some recipes. Whether you share some of your most special dishes or you find “imposter” dishes to share do that.  Why? Because as every person who has tried to “do it yourself” has figured out, it’s much easier to have someone do it for you. So while you will be giving people a way to make it at home, they will prefer to come to get it from you which will generate more sales.
  • Specials: 
    Yes, you should run a special.  And make them flash sales daily that people can only get for a short period of time. Make your audience sit up and take notice. The sense of urgency will help you generate sales.

The bottom line, keep marketing every single day. Don’t stop! If you stop you’ll be doing yourself in.  If you can’t afford to have someone do it for you, take to social media and do it yourself.  Build your loyal following and keep feeding them – literally and with images.

This will pass and when it does, you’ll find you have an even bigger loyal following.   Best of luck, if you need to chat, contact me.

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