Stinkin Thinkin

You’ve heard it before, “attitude is everything.”  So true but so difficult to practice every day of the year.

I receive daily emails from a number of sources, most of them are about digital marketing to keep me up to date.  But one in particular is from Sam Parker with   I enjoy the positive energy and tips for keeping a good attitude that spreads to others.  In this blog I’m sharing a list from Sam.

Top 10 Wasteful Thoughts

  1. Defeatist (better to be positively expectant than anticipate defeat)
  2. Cynical (challenge things (kindly) when necessary but avoid unjustified distrust of human nature and motives)
  3. Resentful (drop the ego as quickly as you can and give the energy to something more profitable … maybe it’s time for a 48-hour ego cleanse).
  4. Vindictive (life is limited … either work to rebuild a trusting relationship or peacefully detach from the people who hurt you)
  5. Regretful (it’s done … what can I learn and what am I going to do now?)
  6. Wishful (do what you can to influence the situation/project/deal and keep moving forward)
  7. Self-pity (get over yourself … dump the drama)
  8. Worry (it won’t help, costs time, and it may never happen)
  9. Otherly (avoid being overly concerned with what others are doing, saying, and thinking unless that concern can improve things for everyone … otherly isn’t a real word … yet)
  10. Jealous (want it? earn it)

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