Idea GirlGet ready for plain talk.

If you are looking for some ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m a business owner and digital marketing pro with a twist.  My passion is UX (user experience).  I like to take the art of digital marketing up a notch by applying proven usability tactics combined with psychology to create internet marketing strategies that convert!

Are you in search of an idea?

Are you stuck and don’t know what to do next?  Do you need an ear to listen and give you a different perspective?  I can help! I’ve helped hundreds of small to mid-sized business owners with suggestions and ideas to get “un-stuck.”  In every type of business from manufacturing to retail and anything in between.

When it comes to the internet, I started out before having a website was a necessity, before search engines, email marketing, and social media.  Speaking of that,  you want to gain more engagement on social media? Need more people to land on your website AND become customers? Want someone to tell your story in a way that creates conversations?


Content Marketing

Content isn’t just the written word. Today it’s images and videos as well.  Content is anything that will tell a story and engage your target

Email Marketing

Engaging, one on one, email is the most cost effective way to reach people who have already expressed an interest in your unique business proposition.  

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap and more! People are social and it makes sense to market on the social platforms. 

Web Development

Websites evolve over time with technology and design advances.  Whether this is a new venture or you need a website refresh, I can help.