Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap and more! People are social and it makes sense to market on the social platforms. 

Social Media MarketingWhile not every social platform is right for everyone, every business has an opportunity to reach their target audience through social media.  In fact, social media is the best way to reach your target customer because, according to Pew Research, 76% of American’s who use the internet also use social media.  That’s an increase of almost 60% over the last 10 years.  By 2018, the number of worldwide social media users is expected to reach about 2.5 billion people.  That includes consumers and business owners. 

And 59% of these people access their social media accounts at least once every day.   

Why Social?

Sure people go online to connect with family and friends but they also use social media to:

  • Follow brands and engage with their social media profiles because they find the content and information valuable.
  • Engage with companies for customer service.
  • Recommend products / services to friends and family, tagging the company social profiles for contact information.

All of this works together to increase your inbound web traffic.  And traffic to the website is where many new customer journeys begin.

Where to start?

There are many types of social media platforms including:

  • Social networks that connect people: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn
  • Media sharing networks: YouTube and Instagram
  • Discussion forums: Reddit, Facebook Groups, Quora
  • Curation and Bookmarking: Pinterest, Pocket

To market effectively, it’s best to know who your ideal customer might be.  Demographics, like age and gender, is a good starting point. You might also consider the what other interests your customer has beyond your product or service.   Usually you’ll want to use a mix of social channels to optimize your reach.

We are all social creatures. And even though some people will never be on Twitter, they may love sharing with friends on Facebook.  Millennials can be found on Snapchat and Instagram, but not so much on LinkedIn. Knowing your target audience helps to pinpoint the best social platforms.  But if you want to find business owners you will be more successful using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Then you want to think about the message.  You can share a variety of content types in social media:  images, links to website content, video, user generated content, curated content that appeals to your target audience. Again, what you choose for content is based on your audience.  

The key to building your brand on social media is through consistent posting.   This means putting fresh content on your social channels, in some cases more than once a day. 

This can be done manually, of course, but using programs that will take into account the best times to reach your audience are preferred.  It also allows you to plan in advance and not get bogged down with posting.  By using programs like Hootsuite, Sprout Social or CoSchedule your social media content will go out automatically giving you time to focus on producing high quality posts.

Sound overwhelming?

This is where I can help.  It’s rare that a business owner or marketing executive possesses the time or talent to produce and execute a full social media strategy.   Let alone testing and analyzing results!  Let me help you with a social strategy that will reach your target audience.  From there I can assist with content development and curation.  

In my previous position as a Social Media Manager I established benchmarks to measure the overall success of our social programs.  I wrote the social media guides for staff and the overall strategies.  If you want to get the full benefit of social – you need someone dedicated to your social media accounts.

At the end of the first year the eCommerce / retail company had achieved an increase of 8668 new followers across 5 channels. And engagement improved an average of 10.5% per channel, reach increased an average of 5% per channel.  As an added bonus, an additional 50% increase in conversions via Facebook occurred resulting in increased revenue.

The manufacturing company experienced an increased social media presence in 2018 with 12397 new followers across 5 channels. Engagement improved an average of 10% per channel and increased reach an average of 33% per channel.

Are these the kind of results you want to experience? Contact me to get started today!